Berkley is one of the most historical neighborhoods located in the city of Norfolk.  It is often referred to as a city within a city. Interestingly, Berkley was once a town of its own. In 1890, Berkley became its own incorporated town in the county of Norfolk (now the City of Norfolk). The Town of Berkley was located across the Eastern Branch Elizabeth City River in the South Norfolk area, where it is still located today. On January 1, 1906, the Town of Berkley was annexed by the City of Norfolk  and is now a neighborhood in the city.1


Beacon Light Civic League Virtual Meetings

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Location: Berkley Neighborhhod Multi-Service Center

                 925 South Main Street

                 Norfolk, Virgnia 23523


Berkley Historical Society interview with President Anne Boone by Keyra Amos;  Harper, Raymond L. (2008). A History of Chesapeake, Virginia, p. 77. The History Press